Thursday, October 25, 2012

October Happenings....

I admit that I have been a slacking blogger. However, I am going to blame most of it on the busy schedule we have and more so on the laziness of this mommy in her third trimester!!! It's already mid October and we have had so many wonderful things going on that I just had to share them with you.

Oct. 2nd...this is me at 35 weeks. 

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. New symptoms this month are heartburn, swollen ankles (still not as bad as with Grace) and extreme carpal tunnel. I have never in my life experienced a numbness and burning in my fingers and hand. It is extremely painful and has kept me a lot of nights in tears. Unfortunately there isn't much I can do. I do wear a wrist band at night and have recently elevated it and that helps some but it is still nothing I would wish on anyone else. The nurse told me pretty much the cure is delivery. Thank GOD I have three week or less (as of tomorrow).

Oct. 6, 2012...Step Up For Down Syndrome Walk

This was our 2nd annual participation in this awareness walk as Team Reese's Pieces. We had a great turn out of friends and family. We also had many online donations from various friends across the country. We are so blessed and honored to be part of such an amazing association that advocates for and loves our Reese and individuals with Down Syndrome. 

Here is our year we hope to double the participation. Good looking bunch of folks, don't ya think? 

There was fun to be had by all. All the kids enjoyed the face painting, jump houses, and pizza. 

Oct. 7, 2012...Our family style baby shower. We had so much fun. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the anticipated arrival of our third little princess!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seeing Clearly

Look what Reese got!!!

During a recent follow up with the wonderful Dr. Lall-trail, we discovered that Reese had developed a stigmatism in both of her eyes. Me, not having any knowledge of what that meant (no one in my family wears glasses) asked the Dr, is that something she will out grow (thinking that it's no big deal)? He said, possibly, but in the mean time she will need glasses. I was shocked and said,  "Excuse me? Like glasses she will have to wear daily?"  I'm not sure why I took the news so hard. It's not the end of the world and we know some pretty darn cute kids that wear glasses at a young age. I think I just wasn't prepared and felt like this was yet another new challenge that we would need to face. I just know my girl and how stubborn she can be. I mean, how to you keep glasses on a 3 year old???? The dr's response, "Once she realizes she can see better she will prefer them." I just looked at him and said, "Okay, we'll try it out but I'm not sure this glasses thing is going to work!" 

We are trying to get use to them and she isn't always thrilled to be wearing them, but I think in time, she will appreciate that she is able to see things more clearly. Thankfully they make rubber frames for little hands that like to destroy everything. We also got to pick out a color. We went for a peach/nude color to blend with her hair and skin color. I think she looks adorable. 

I find when I'm able to distract her with her favorite TV show or an activity, she will wear them for a while. However, as soon as I turn my back, they are off and flung across the room quickly. I hope her teacher at school is having more luck than me. 

I would LOVE some advice from other parents on ways in which you were able to get your children to wear their glasses. This is all new to me. I had to have them give me detailed instructions on how to clean the lenses properly. I feel lost in this area.