Monday, January 23, 2012


Therapy has become a common word used in the McClain household over the past 3 years. We have Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, and Educational therapy. Virginia has a great Infant program that provides in home therapy for ages 0-3 years old. This is very convenient for the life of a busy mom. We have had, on several occasions, one therapist leave while another is coming in. I must say that it has been amazing for my girls development but also a bit overwhelming at times. There is homework, and stretches, and goals to be met. I am hard on myself, as most (special needs) mom's I've spoken to are. You want to do everything possible to give your child all they need to develop, but sometimes you just need to figure out the typical day to day of being a parent, period!

Grace aged out of the infant program at age 3. They had a little graduation ceremony and she received a certificate. Very fun for all involved. Here is a picture the entire family at her graduation.

Even her Physical Therapist, Erin (also Reese's PT) came.

We are blessed to have so many qualified, caring therapists in our girl's lives. We've seen great things come from Therapy and expect many more things for the future.

Although we could never thank you enough in is my attempt to let you know how much we do care and appreciate all you have done for our girls and for us as parents. THANK YOU!!!

Thank you Erin for being with us since the beginning. We consider you family and invaluable to both of our girls Physical development. We know Reese is close to meeting all her PT needs and we might loose you soon but you will always be dear to us. We hope we can stay in touch and you can watch the girls use all the great skills you have taught them.

Thank you Kathy. Your two years with Grace has not only helped her but has given us much hope for the use of her right hand. We know you know first hand the struggles that come with Cerebral Palsy and how to overcome them. You are amazing and a true testament to the endless possibilities for our daughter's future. You have defied all odds and we so much admire you and are blessed to know you.

Thank you Renee for helping Grace with her speech. Any worries or hesitations I had are now gone and even though we only had you for a short time we are enjoying the long term affects of your hard work with her. You will have to stop by and see her now. She TALKS non-stop and we never complain because we feel this is one area that she has excelled in and we couldn't be prouder.

Thank you Jaqui for everything you are doing to help Reese with her speech. We know this is going to be a long road but we are excited for the progress we are seeing. You are the perfect speech therapist for her. We are still hoping that she will speak with your endearing British accent. :) Thank you for your patience and helping us to learn how to be patient as well. We are excited to have you for at least another 8 months.

Thank you Lynn. You were with us when Reese was only 10 weeks old. You have seen her grow and develop and have been so encouraging. She always knew when Ms. Lynn came it meant lots of fun play. We miss you but are glad that Reese met her goals early. Thanks for all you did for Reese and for us.

Thank you Melody. You are the newest OT. Grace loves you and your so great with encouraging her to try to new things. You have given us different options and educated us even more about Hemi-peliga. You always are smiling and coming up with new, fun, creative ways to get Grace to use "Mr. Righty." We appreciate you and look forward to even more advancements in Grace's development as she works weekly with you.

Thank you Kristin. It took us a while to find you but we are so thrilled to have Grace back in PT. You find creative ways to get her to strengthen and use her right leg. You even manage to get her to walk on a treadmill for 8 minutes. She enjoys her exercises and even though she's sometimes tired by the time we get to you (after OT) you have a way to make her hang in there just an hour longer. We are learning a lot and are thankful to have you as our newest therapist.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Growing up I always imagined what life would be like with a husband, dog, house, and kids. I remember asking God to bring someone into my life that would be my perfect match (more importantly he would be able to put up with me on a daily basis). I also day dreamt about what my children would be like, who they would look like, and what they would become when they grew up. Isn't it funny that when we daydream it's all warm, fuzzy, and full of rainbows? Why don't we dream about the "what-if's"? We just take for granite so many things that aren't guaranteed. I know my dreams from childhood didn't include Cerebral Palsy or Down Syndrome. I wasn't even really sure what they meant.

However, my dreams did include a life of happiness, joy and laughter (something that is not lacking in this family). Being a parent is difficult but the rewards far outweigh the struggles. Our daily life might not look like your typical daily life, but we are a normal family...just like you. We want more than anything else for our children to be included and given the same opportunities as your children. We do not want them to be defined by their "dis"ability because to us there is nothing "dis" about our girls. They are amazing and we thank God everyday for their existence...just the way they are! We often feel inadequate to be their parents but we strive to do the best we day at a time.


Our reality today is sooooo much better than my childhood daydreams!