Saturday, January 21, 2012


Growing up I always imagined what life would be like with a husband, dog, house, and kids. I remember asking God to bring someone into my life that would be my perfect match (more importantly he would be able to put up with me on a daily basis). I also day dreamt about what my children would be like, who they would look like, and what they would become when they grew up. Isn't it funny that when we daydream it's all warm, fuzzy, and full of rainbows? Why don't we dream about the "what-if's"? We just take for granite so many things that aren't guaranteed. I know my dreams from childhood didn't include Cerebral Palsy or Down Syndrome. I wasn't even really sure what they meant.

However, my dreams did include a life of happiness, joy and laughter (something that is not lacking in this family). Being a parent is difficult but the rewards far outweigh the struggles. Our daily life might not look like your typical daily life, but we are a normal family...just like you. We want more than anything else for our children to be included and given the same opportunities as your children. We do not want them to be defined by their "dis"ability because to us there is nothing "dis" about our girls. They are amazing and we thank God everyday for their existence...just the way they are! We often feel inadequate to be their parents but we strive to do the best we day at a time.


Our reality today is sooooo much better than my childhood daydreams!

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