Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Illness!

I know my title sounds like a Stephen King movie, but that is the best way to explain the "funk" that came in and settled into our healthy household for over 10 days! I have never, in the four years of being a parent, had both of my little girls so sick at the same time.

It started Thursday night around midnight when Grace came running into our bed crying that she had thrown up. Then came a croup cough that continued for at least 7 days continuously, to the point the sound of it was driving us crazy. Then poor Reese caught hold of the bug by Friday afternoon. Thankfully I was able to squeeze them both into the pediatrician before closing that day. Flu test came back positive for Reese but negative for Grace. They gave us some generic info on keeping fluids in them and giving them both breathing treatments for the next 48 hours. If not better to come back Monday.

To make matters worse, I was not feeling too hot myself, and Matt had a rush cabinet job he had to complete that weekend. So he set up a huge pallet of pillows and blankets and there we lay all day Sat. and most of Sunday. Poor Reese was so out of it she literally slept 24 hours on Sat. Just waking up occasionally to drink some water. My poor babies were sooooo sick and there was nothing I could do.

By Sunday, I'm very concerned as both have been spiking high temperatures and not eating at thing. Sunday afternoon, Grace had a temperature of 106. With fear of a seizure or something worse, I took her to the CHKD ER. There they did another flu test but it came back negative. They checked her ears and said she was "close" to having an ear infection and took a chest x-ray to see what was going on. They concluded she had a small area that looked like the beginning of pneumonia and prescribed us amoxicillan and sent us home.

Monday, was not much better. Not only was this my birthday, but we were back in the Dr's yet again with both girls. This time we discovered that Reese now had a double ear infection and both girls had RSV. They gave me a stronger antibiotic and steroid and instructions to keep up with the breathing treatments.

I attribute this time as being stuck in the twilight zone. The only time I got out was to go to Target to get meds filled. Our pharmacist felt so bad she even offered to deliver the meds to our house. I felt so helpless and just so desperate for them to get better.

Thankfully I have a husband who does everything and anything I need him to do without me even having to ask. My mom was also very helpful during this time.

After about the third or fourth day on the antibiotic my happy girls began to return to me. They also started eating and smiling again. The fog had lifted and the "Illness" had moved on. We enjoyed one full week of complete health. Then the "illness" returned. Grace started coughing again on Sat. night and has since been coughing every night. Reese also started getting sick again but today she woke up feeling much better. I am praying, praying, praying that this is shorter, weaker version of the "Illness" and that it does not leave such a destructive trail this time around.

So I apologize for my lack of communication but you understand, if you are a parent, that when the kids are sick and need their mommy...nothing else in the world matters. :)

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