Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Be careful what you Google...

Isn't it funny how today we can find answers to anything with just a few few clicks of a mouse? I remember spending hours in the library searching resources for research papers in high school and even college. We really had to work hard at searching, reading, paraphrasing and referencing all our work. Wish we had been as technologically advanced as we are today. I might have had more time to sleep!

Today, we just jump on the computer and "google" it. But how many times have you "googled it" and wished you hadn't? We have to be careful what we believe on the Internet. ANYONE today can post ANYTHING they want on the Internet. Just because it's easily accessible doesn't mean it's creditable. So I challenge you; don't believe everything you read. If you truly want to research a topic then go old school or make sure you are reading enough to wean out the crap and process the facts.

Unfortunately, I am human and have given in to the "google" epidemic myself when trying to learn about more about Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. I too have been influenced by what people believe their level of development or quality of life will be like. However, as they grow and develop I am realizing that they don't typically fit all the stereotypes and definitions that I've read about. That is part of why I'm writing this blog. It's just our opinion and our journey. It may not look anything like yours but I hope that it will be encouraging and real. Each individual has their own story, their own journey, their own obstacles, and their own triumphs. Don't let society and "google" distract you from what's important....from what is right before you.

Whether your child is autistic, has CP, Down Syndrome, is Deaf, is blind, or is typical; just love them and stay away from non-credible sites you may come across on the Internet! Read stories about real life people and how they deal with the day in and day out. Get involved in a support group or organization that helps educate people on the facts. Some of these are online and you can and will receive support. Attend play groups that involve kids of all abilities, ethnicity, and ages. This will allow us to raise a generation that doesn't look at people and judge on the exterior but shows them how to love people for what is on the interior! Can you imagine that type of world? It's possible and it all starts with us! :)

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