Monday, March 5, 2012

Line Leader!

Grace is more than halfway through her first year of school. She attends a wonderful christian school and her K-3 teachers are amazing. We couldn't have hand picked two better people to be the first outside educators for our daughter. They have been super patient and willing to assist where needed. They love her attitude and her loving spirit but most importantly they love her.

Grace is very determined, as most three year olds, to do everything by herself. The fact of the matter is she can't do everything a typical three year old can. However, this hasn't slowed her down. In fact, I guess they take turns being the line leader at school, because Grace informs us, no matter where we go -- "Mommy, I'm the line leader."

Her teachers told me that they admire her and are impressed with her drive. There is nothing Grace won't try and if she can't do it, she never complains. That is what I admire most about her. There are so many times in life we just want to throw up our hands and say "Forget it!" or "I'm never going to be able to do this."

Life is full of frustrations, road blocks, and stress. I want to be more like my three year old, who instead of being afraid of what other's might think, takes the lead and guides us all to a more positive way of thinking.

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