Friday, May 4, 2012

The cat is finally out of the bag....

We are so excited to announce that McClain baby #3 will be here by Nov. 7, 2012. God is good!! We have contemplated another child since Reese was born, finding out that we now have two special needs children with complete different capabilities and obstacles. We wondered if we would ever be able to add to our family or if we would even want to.

I'm happy to say after a year of praying and talking about it, we knew that we weren't quite done. We didn't feel complete and wanted to see if the Lord would so graciously give us another baby. Well he was listening loud and clear because we were able to conceive right away. Of course we have our concerns and normal fears but we are trusting that the Lord will give us the perfect child just for us.

Last week we met with a genetic counselor (for the 2nd time) and she gave us different options in pre-screening for Trisomy 18, 13, and 21.  Although statistically our odds of having another child with any type of Trisomy are 1%, you can imagine we don't put much stock in odds since both of our girls were in the 2%-4% chance of being born with CP and DS.

We opted for the NT scan and some new blood work that is as accurate as an amnio but not invasive.  Bottom line, we just want to be prepared. If this child is going to need extra care, we are fine with it but we just don't want to be taken off guard again. Twice is enough to have to go through that type of shock.  So in about a week we will have the results back from the blood work.  We are trusting and praying that this baby will be completely healthy.  It's just hard sometimes because the devil is very good at getting in there and planting that tiny seed of doubt.

However, the NT Scan went great. That is basically where they measure the fluid behind the baby's neck (this can be an indication for a chromosomal abnormality). The ultra sound tech was very sweet and explained as she saw my worried face as she was measuring the fluid -- "We consider anything below 3 (cm or mm, not quite sure) to be normal, and your baby's is under a 1." Praise God. That's not a total accurate diagnosis but it's good news for sure. We'll know more after our 20 week ultrasound but for now we are just waiting for those blood test results to rule out any of the Trisomy's.

We ask you as our friends and family to please keep us and this baby in your prayers. I know there is power in prayer. The more folks we have praying for the health of this baby the more likely the prayers will be answered. Thank you in advance. I will keep everyone posted as we progress and the baby develops.

Psalm 139:14

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

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  1. So incredibly happy for you and your family! God has used in mighty ways already! Will definitely be keeping you and this new little bundle in prayers! Love to you all!