Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Virus

I feel like half of my blogs are about illnesses or plague's that have hit our household these. I guess we are just walking through a season right now. But let me tell you, I'm ready for a new season.

This weekend Reese had a low-grade fever. It broke after 24 hours and we thought all was good.

Until.......around 4:00 pm yesterday (yes it happened that quick) she broke out with a rash all over her body. It started on her legs and slowly spread to her arms, diaper area, back, and chest. I spoke with my sister, who's daughter had the same thing going on just a few days earlier and said she was feeling and looking much better after 24 hours. So instead of worrying. I gave her some benydryl and put her to bed.

This morning the rash had gotten better in some places but started to manifest on her hands and feet. I called the Pediatrician and spoke with a nurse who assured me, after hearing her symptoms, that it is just a virus and there is nothing they can do to treat it. We just have to ride it out.

I wasn't too concerned at this point because Reese was her cheerful self, however, she wasn't interested in eating and from time to time would burst out in tears for no apparent reason. My mom, bless her heart, who helps me daily with the girls so that I can work from home, was unable to soothe her. Finally after two attempts, I was able to get her down for an early nap.

Now Reese has never been a great napper. Grace, she use to nap 3-4 hours at a time when she was younger. But we are lucky if we can get Reese to stay down for 1.5 hours. Well today, Reese slept for 3.5 hours. Another indication her little body was fighting this virus.

When I returned home, from getting my hair done, Reese was awake and happy but my mom informed me that she was extra clingy but was able to eat some hummus and crackers. When I inspected her body again, the rash had spread and was worse in some areas.  I again, called the nurse and this time they were able to give me some things to look for, although they still thought it was a virus. She instructed me to contact them again if she got another fever, or her skin began to peel, or blister to contact them. She told me I could soak her in a cool bath of baking soda but avoid soap as it is an irritant. She also told me I could use Hydrocortizone Cream 1% as a topical.

Then I asked the question about the type of virus that is not safe for pregnant woman to be around. She told me that was called the "fifth virus".  The unborn baby can contract this and it can cause complications! GREAT!  She said one of the symptoms of that virus is bright red checks (which Reese doesn't have) but to be safe I should call my OB. Apparently there are some blood tests they can run to see if I've been exposed or to see if I have enough antibodies to fight the virus.  However, she didn't want to alarm me and didn't think this was the same virus.

Then about 15 minutes later the nurse called me back to say she thought I should call the pediatrician tomorrow and insist the see Reese, explaining that I'm pregnant and we just want to make sure it is what they think it is. She also told me to call my OB and see if they want me to come in. Okay..now I'm alarmed!

So tomorrow I will most likely be in two different doctor's offices trying to figure out where this strange rash came from and which Virus it is related too.

To be continued.....

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